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Leasing Equipment Vs. Buying Equipment

  The management team of small businesses (annual revenues of $150K-$8MM), are constantly making decisions as it relates to the title above. Is your (forklift, or delivery van, or ice machine, baking oven, dish washer, etc.) in need of repair again? As a small business owner, you ask yourself, should we buy the new piece of equipment or should we lease it? Every company needs equipment. From the mundane office electronics, (computers, printers, etc.) to heavy machinery (forklifts, trucks, delivery […]

Know the Real Cost of Starting a Business

  How can you beat the odds if you want to join the boomerpreneur boom and start your own company after 50? MONEY put that question to small-business experts and dozens of fiftysomething entrepreneurs for their best advice. This is the third of three articles on how to become a boomerpreneur. This one will help you understand the real costs of starting up a business and how to finance with caution. You can also see if you’ve got what it […]

Understanding Cash Flow

  Cash Flow is one of the most critical components of success for a small or mid-sized business. It ¬†gets even more confusing when a company has net income, but negative cash flow. How can that be? Without cash, profits are meaningless. What is the cash balance in your bank account right now? What do you expect the cash balance to be six months from now? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, then get ready for a […]